Westwood Blues

Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Crimson Crab?

Now that we're a few weeks removed from the amateur draft, prospect hounds have had a chance to digest various scouting reports, statistics, and whatnot of the Giants draft choices. But the question still remains - which Giants draft choice has the coolest MySpace page?

Giants 8th Round draft choice Matt Klimas now has his page all decked out with Giants logos. Nice! It beats the hell out of all of the Texas Longhorns crap he used to have up there. Take notes, Tim Lincecum. Where is your Giants flare?

Fortunately, none of the Giants draftees have odd or potentially embarassing profile pics.

No, wait. Giants 37th Round Pick Lance Salsgiver (presumably on Halloween):

Oh those crazy Harvard kids. I blame Larry Summers.

But my favorite MySpace pic is this one from Diamondbacks 3rd Round choice Cyle Hankerd:

An ugly Christmas sweater party! And there is only one thing more hideous than an ugly Christmas sweater and that's an ugly Christmas sweatervest. Nice work ... girl to the left of Cyle Hankerd. But my favorite part of the picture is the girl on the far left. Apparently she didn't get the memo that this wasn't an 80s party.


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Quick Hitters

* Detect-O-Vision has a great post on Giants first round draft choice Tim Lincecum.
"199 K in 125 IP" is not a set of geek numbers.

199 K in 17 starts is an OUTCOME.

The OUTCOME of Tim Lincecum's pitching was a .174 AVG — in the Pac-10, with metal bats.

The OUTCOME of Lincecum's games were that the best college hitters couldn't even put the ball in play against him, despite using metal bats and a punch-bunt, drag-the-bat-across-the-zone hitting motion.

Tim Lincecum was a whale of a lot more dominating than Brandon Morrow, and Tim Lincecum was a whale of a lot more dominating than Andrew Miller."
His praise of Lincecum is certainly strong, but he does have a point. 199 strikeouts in 125 IP is 199 strikeouts in 125 IP...

* ...Lance Niekro's splits:

vs. LHP:

2005: .324/.361/.657
2006: .225/.262/.425

vs. RHP:

2005: .206/.251/.335
2006: .272/.324/.388

All of these splits are very sample sizes. And that is exactly my point. Any notion that Niekro is a LHP masher based on his 2005 splits is premature. And any notion that Niekro sucks against LHP based on his 2006 is also premature. We just don't know yet...

* ...Its been nearly 3 months since my Spring Training trip, but my Webshots album is still getting all kinds of traffic. So, for anyone who missed it, go here.