Westwood Blues

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I Got Nothing

Everyone has a MySpace profile. You don't? Well, everyone has one except you apparently.

Several Giants farmhands are MySpacers including Justin Hedrick, Kevin Fransden, Justin Knoedler, and Ryan Sadowski, among others.

Whether they know it or not, several SF Giants players have MySpace profiles. As is the case with many celebrity profiles on MySpace, these SF Giants players didn't actually create these profiles themselves. Rather, an enterprising fan with too much time on his or her hands created them.

Pedro Feliz' profile is an obvious fake, as is Tyler Walker's. But my favorite fake profile has to be Moises Alou's.

Why the real Moises Alou didn't create this profile:

* His "Who I'd like to meet" section reads: "a decent starting rotation, a closer." Funny, but Moises would have a little more tact.

* I don't pretend to know the man, but I have a hard time believing that the real Moises Alou would be interested in joining a MySpace group called "People who think I'm really Ric Flair when a monkey dying of the ebola virus could obviously tell I'm not!!!"

* His tagline is "I piss on my hands before EVERY game"

This whole post is a very roundabout way of saying: This has been the longest fucking winter ever. Is it Opening Day yet?